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  • Slider ImageK-TEK 4D Xtreme by Tiggz
  • Slider ImageLightTech by DaniloOC
  • Slider ImageWindows 7 Xtreme by JcRabbit
  • Slider ImageDarkTech by DaniloOC
  • Slider ImageDragon Xtreme by WebGizmos
  • Slider ImageEvolve by DaniloOC
Highlighted Nexus Themes

Animated Icon Pack

Winstep Xtreme, Nexus and Nexus Ultimate feature built-in support for animated icons from version 11.5 onwards. The following is a pack of eight beautiful animated icons made by Spippy, to get you started:

Download Animated Icon Pack

With no need to install 3rd party docklets and full drag and drop support, animated icons in Winstep applications are as easy to use as any other icons: drop the animated icon PNG strip directly into a dock item and the icon will automatically start animating.

Want more?

You can get many more beautiful animated icons by the same author from HERE.

Animated Nexus Dock Control Icons

A pack of animated Nexus dock control icons which you can use to replace the static control icons on your Nexus docks.

Download Animated Icon Pack

Extract the animated icons in this pack into a folder in your hard drive, then drag one of the animated icons and drop it into the static Nexus control icon on your dock.

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Hungry for more exciting themes? No problem... The sites listed below offer hundreds and hundreds of Winstep themes ripe for the picking!

Nexus dock backgrounds

Nexus is fully compatible with themes for ALL 3rd party docks. Besides the hundreds of native Winstep themes listed above, you have thousands of non-Winstep dock backgrounds at your disposal:


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November 7, 2014

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