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Created in early 1999, Winstep Software Technologies is an experienced company dedicated to providing a suite of groundbreaking components for customizing and enhancing the Windows User Interface. The purpose of this suite is to provide usability enhancements to the standard Explorer Shell while at the same time providing the user with unlimited flexibility and power.

The first five components, NextSTART - a powerful Start Menu and Taskbar replacement - Workshelf - a tabbed program launcher and desktop replacement - Nexus - a multi-level dock system - Start Menu Organizer - an utility designed to clean up and organize the Windows Start Menu - and FontBrowser - a NeXT style font utility, are available now. Other components will soon be available. Please check back regularly!

Winstep Affiliate Program

You will receive a 30% commission on all orders placed by referrals from your website.

About the Winstep Software Technologies Affiliate Program

Winstep's affiliate program allows publishers, resellers, and web site owners to advertise Winstep products to their users and visitors and earn 30% on each product sale. Signup is simple and free, and you can spread the word about these fine products and earn commissions in the process.

What You Can Earn

Winstep products range in price from $19.95 to $78.95.  You will earn 30% on each order you enable through your advertising of Winstep Products. Our experience suggests that focused target audiences lead to higher sales, and that 1% to 3% of downloaders will purchase.

How it Works

Once you sign up as an affiliate you will be given a unique Download and Order page URL for each Winstep Product. When the customer downloads a product through your unique Download URL, a cookie is automatically stored in his computer. This ensures that you always get the sale, regardless if the customer later orders through your site, the Winstep site or the program itself. The best part is that all downloads come from our server, you don't have to host the files yourself (unless you want to, of course)!

Signing Up

Becoming a Winstep Affiliate is quick and easy. Our affiliate program is managed by BMT Micro, an established leader in software affiliate programs.

To Get Started, simply Sign Up as a Winstep affiliate via the Winstep Affiliate Program Sign Up Page

After completing the signup, you will be taken to the Winstep Reseller Center. From here you will be able to get your Winstep Products order and download links, edit your account info and see the sales you've made so far.

If you already have a BMT Micro affiliate account, then please log into your Winstep Reseller Center using your current BMT Micro affiliate login information.

Start Selling

In creating your advertisements for Winstep Products, you can find detailed text descriptions of the products on our site or in the PAD XML files we provide:

Winstep Xtreme PAD File
Winstep Nexus Dock PAD File
Winstep Start Menu Organizer PAD File

Additionally, we have a variety of banners and buttons available at


If you have any questions, please email us.

How to contact us

Technical Support

If you receive no reply from us within 48 hours, it's possible your email was flagged as a false positive by our spam filter.

In that case, please contact us via the Winstep forums.



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November 7, 2014

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March 23, 2012

In an effort to force you into using Metro, Microsoft stripped the familiar Start Menu out of Windows 8. In the process it also stripped your ability to chose for yourself what is best for you.

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